We built a SaaS MVP with Interns. Here’s How.

The Struggle to Find a Technical Co-Founder

Building the Backend

Enter the Interns

Improving the Hiring Process

  1. Assignment Round: In this round, we would ask the applicants to work on a live component that was being developed. For front-end interns, for example, we would share the UI with them and ask them to replicate the same in code. This step itself would act as a funnel, and many applicants would drop off at this stage.
  2. Technical Round: This round would involve a deep dive into the submission of the candidate, along with an evaluation of their technical skills. The pattern of this round would vary with the candidate.
  3. Intention Fit Round: This round would primarily be aimed to evaluate the intent and drive of the candidate. Apart from a general conversation to know why the candidate wants to work with us, we would ask the candidate to make real-time changes to the submission he made in the Assignment round. Proficient coders generally thrive at this round.

The Results Achieved with the Interns



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Preetam Das

Preetam Das

First-time Entrepreneur. Took the leap- from a cushy job to self-employment. I write about my learnings & failures in this self-improvement journey